A day happens… A day happens… A day happens…                                   And then a moment comes and changes it all.


It’s Tuesday is an illustrated novel, written by Asher Danziger and illustrated by Matthijs Jansen, that follows the cycles of 4 characters, whose journeys deal with aging, love, birth, death, drive, and letting go.

There is an Old Man, who before he was an Old Man was a Young Man, who is then a Man, and eventually As Old As Man gets.

There is a Girl who becomes Nearly-Not-A Girl, then Newly-Not-A Girl, until she is Not-A-Girl-At-All.

Then there are Ry and Lauralie Potamus, who are brother and sister hippos. They decide to leave their family, and head upstream paddling until the stream stops being a stream and they can’t remember not paddling anymore.


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